De España a USA. Curso de Social Media y consumer engagement en Miami Ad School

En la situación cambiante en la que se encuentra España  es necesario combatir el desempleo. Una de las posibilidades es hacer un curso fuera para reinventarse. En mi caso elegí el destino de Miami y, concretamente, la Miami Ad School para estudiar el  curso de Social Media y consumer engagement. He hecho un esfuerzo personal y económico importante. Ha merecido la pena.


El curso de introduce de lleno dentro de la era digital y sirve para tomar su pulso. Lo más importante son los profesionales que uno puede llegar a conocer y los contactos. La Miami Ad School cuenta con una red internacional  que le otorga un gran prestigio.

Estos son algunos de los profesionales que he tenido el placer de conocer y de aprender de ellos.

Week 1: An Overview Social 101. Dylan French – Nobody DC 

Week 2: Social First Brand Story. Rachel Caggiano- Executive Vice President | Head of Content at Ogilvy PR 

Week 3: Listen, Analyze, Strategize. Pedro Lugo -Associate Director, Digital Strategy at Young & Rubicam

Week 4: Creating a Social First Campaign. Imran Khan | Creative Agency Lead / Google

Week 5: Social Publishing at Scale. Sara Liss / Editor Urban Daddy

Week 6: Having Conversation with your Audience. Andrew Elliott – Social Media at Audi of America

Week 7: Socializing the Brand Experience. George Bennett Digital Strategy Director at Droga5 

Week 8: Fueling Social Engagement through Paid Media
Robby Egan – Content / Social Strategist at KBS+ (Barbarian) 

Week 9: Correlating Social Success with Measurable Business Results. Kate Rush Sheehy – Associate Director, Social Media at R/GA 

Week 10: The Future of the Media Landscape. Abigail Bock – Tumblr

‘No cambiarás cuando cambien tus circunstancias sino que éstas cambiarás cuando cambies tú’ Ésta es una máxima que he aprendido desde hace muchos meses y que intento aplicar. En España no estaba muy contento con mi trabajo y lo dejé todo para poder estudiar y hacer cosas en Estados Unidos.

Si tienes alguna otra pregunta sobre este curso, puedes preguntarme.

Arriésgate y sal de tu zona de confort. 





Impossible is nothing: Saatchi& Saatchi CEO visits Miami Ad School in Southbeach

April 7th 2014.–  Mark Cochranenz, Saatchi&Saatchi CEO in Thailand spoke about was he has been doing these last years. He has a marvelous career and he really brought us what we want: a take home message.



Impossible is not a fact, is an opinion

Cochranenz stopped in these three words for a little bit: Impossible is Nothing. He showed us some of the stuff they have been done in Saatchi& Saatchi . They were really good. .

‘Try to understand what brand is going to fit you’ Cochranez recommended us. He also remembered that the conversations that we are having in these little conversations of those tables at university or School  make the magic of advertising. The ads he brought as the advices where such impressive.

15 tips about advertising

It´s a numbers name. We have to write a lot, we have to be PROLIFIC so we have to keep coming.
Make stuff
Love the world ‘No’
Hire attitude teach skills.
Have taste
Create news, not ads
Have a point of view
Enjoy the full creative process
Learn how to shell a dream
Be original but speak in reference
Know every idea in the world (read advertising blogs every morning, have an hour)
Find the spiritual brief
Know the soul of the brand
Tone is everything (It the brand knows the tone, go. If it doesnt´, keep on finding it)

Another good Ads we can find:
HILUX, Tougher that you can imagine
COROLA, feels great inside (funny cat appears)


April 7th 2014 was my first day at Miami Ad School. So many emotions for my brain. This conference was part of the Social Media and Consumer engagement Boot camp that I am studying. It is so intense. I couldn’t believe when I saw the schedule paper that we have class on saturdays and sundays. We only have thursdays off.

My boss was right when I told here in Spain that I would like to word for she from Miami. Now I now that I won´t have a lot of time to myself.

Anyway I´ve meet such a charming and interesting people .



El Social Media es un mito (Infografía)

Son palabras de D.F.  experto en Social Media y CEO de la agencia  ‘Nobody’ (Washington, EEUU). Lejos de predicar sobre cuáles son las herramientas más importantes para la interacción social, F. cree que lo importante es el contenido: Si este es bueno, se volverá social. Os dejo una infografía creada por Dovilè Banytè que está cursando conmigo el ‘Social Media Boot Camp’ en Miami Ad School’ ( Southbeach, Miami)

Infografía D. FRENCH       @alopezvicente